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The figure as sculpture.

We at Bring It Online have a team of best professional loungerie / Boudoir photographers who have several years of experience in this field.  Loungerie Photography

One of the long-accepted ways to deal with the pornography is to treat the figure, male or female, as an art object – as sculpture, for example. Since many sculptures have managed to see the human body beautiful, emulating them is a way to lean to see beauty. You could start by using sculptors’ poses and could also use the same kind of models. However many sculptors have used chunky women who would look simply fat in photographs, though their male models are usually trim and well muscled.

In treating figures as sculpture it is important to use the right background and lighting. Those mentioned later in the chapter will work very well,  for I am thinking you through an essentially sculptural approach to photography of the nude.

If you are not too shy, the easiest way to get a model is to ask a friend to pose. Nowadays,  a man and a woman will often make a trade, each posing for the other. Taking figure drawing courses in a art school is a way to contact models, though the men and woman who pose there are often pretty beat up. The bedraggled ones usually refuse to pose for photographers, anyway, but the handsome once sometimes will. Photography courses that deal with the nude are an even better bed, and there is the advantage of working under experienced instructors.

Some newspapers will accept advertising for models if it is clear that your purposes are legitimate. Though the models that one contacts in this manner often have very miscellaneous faces and figures and are out for kicks, there is always a chance of getting one or two good ones. Furthermore, it is excellent experience to work with faces and figures that are far from perfect. There is always a considerable amount of beauty in them, and you should learn to see it.

       Advertising on an art school bulletin board is a good idea, because the men and women students are long-accustomed to nudity and often in need of extra money. Make  it very clear in your ads that you are not a sexual pervert in search of sexual kicks, for art students are extremely leary of such people. Offer a modeling fee of around ten dollars an hour, plus a promise of modeling sessions at least two hours long. Nowadays, it is hardly worth crossing the street for less than twenty bucks, and modeling can be very hard work.

      Joining a camera club may bring you in contact with photographers who know figure models willing to work for a reasonable fee, but you should investigate this possibility before joining.

       Joining a little theater group is also a good idea, because many young actors and actresses think that the experience of being nude in front of others will fit into their training very well. Some of them also like to be daring. And some will pose to satisfy their vanity,  theater people being well endowed with it.

       The main problem in getting models is suspicion: the people you approach may think you are an uptight voyeur or that you are stupid enough to have sexual seduction in mind. There are many such people you know. If you ask a model to bring a friend to a modelling session or pose for a small group of photographers (instead of just yourself) the suspicion will generally lessen. Since they are not voye and generally prefer to have real love as a prerequisite for sex, women photographers are not often suspected. However, the men whom they ask to model are often surprisingly shy—– terrified in fact. Though he may not know it, the average man is sacred to death of women. Lingerie Photography is another creative form of photography where one can express the best of all times. More info feel free to visit >> http://www.bringitonline.in/lingerie-photography.html

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Creative Fashion Photography Agency in Delhi Ncr – Bring It Online Media

Being the capital of India Delhi is the pulsation of million dreams. Mewling  dreams wish to fly with their wings from this city. Also Delhi is the largest commercial centre in north part of India and comprise of a hundreds of commercial companies. Fashion industry being on the top and is bestowed with a lot of designers, film makers, makeup artists, photographers, models, stylists etc. Pivotal that adhere every individual to fashion is photography.  Fashion purviews every individual through internet and Images.


Designers are also a very essential obelisk of fashion industry, they brings in a lot of variety and trends. They work a lot harder to create uniqueness and work for hours to get an appropriate design that will win hearts of people, although not all the designs gets that successful but ones a design is successful it will take a night to spread in the market like fire for example these days tassels love is on the boom. You can find tassels in jewellery, home décor, apparels, etc.

Designers have regular search for fashion photographer in Gurgaon,  Delhi, Noida every now and then to display their latest designs and spread them among people. Every designer needs a look book for every season and here comes the role of  fashion photographers to bring the exact flavor of mood with the combination of  set and makeup of the designer wear photo shoot. Besides this a very important role is played by the model also, a designer must choose apt model to display their garments. It is the role of fashion photographers to blend the light, set and model so well that a perfect picture comes out. If you need a perfect photographers. If you are looking for best creative agency in Delhi Ncr to deliver best of the photography of your products feel free to reach out to us at bringitonline.in/fashion-photography.


Bring it Online Take’s on Significance of Photography in Digital World

360 Degree Product Photographer in Delhi

Oh, it’s Vacation, time to go to some exotic location what make you decide your holiday spot a photograph of that place or a long essay, buying a product online what let you make your decision only a product description or 360 Degree Product Photoshoot, Getting Married a Marriage Video to preserve those memories or maybe just your Wedding Card. The whole idea of talking all these options to you is to make us understand the value of Photography and Videography in our life. Any form of Photography i.e. Product Photography, Fashion Photography, 360 Degree Photography, Candid photoshoot or any form of Videography i.e. Corporate Videos, Ad films, Short films, Event Videos they always act as an better medium to connect with people instead of just a long story.

Photography the Best version of Presentation in Digital World

Yes, that may sound a bit too overrated, but trust me it’s not. Let’s have a look around what gets you a more like on any Social Media Platform an Image or Video or just a Status? Why E-commerce websites are getting too demanding over the image quality? Why do a novel of same story don’t earn the same money, which the movies earn? Simple answer a Photo or Video can create a magic in audiences mind which last forever. Hence at Bring It Online Private Limited we adhere to provide best photography services in Delhi-NCR which will make you stand out in this Digital World.

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The Value Addition to just a Photograph

Apologizes for asking too much of questions, but that is how we get answers to most of the things. So let’s begin with another round of questions a dull image for your product or a Professional Product photography for showing a better version to it, Just one angle of your picture or a 360 degree product photography to show the real feel of your product and just a corporate message essay or a corporate video showing all of the aspects. We always seek for a better version of what we are today and that advancement exists in Photography as well. An E-commerce Catalog Photo-shoot by some unprofessional always losses in sales over a Professional Product Photography. Hence, with growing cut throat competition the need to stay over edge always call for a Professional Photographer who creates magic with different editing and creative tools. At Bring It Online we are a team of Professional Photographer in Delhi-NCR who promise to deliver you such results which are perfect to boost your Digital presence.

Photography tips from best product photographers in India


Do’s and Don’ts ..

Some of the product photography tips from best product photographers in India and across the Globe.

Points to remember while doing a designer wear ethnic Photoshoot.

  1. Drape Of Fabric: As the length of designer ethnic wears is very long so use a small stool or some kind of prop that can give the model enough height so that the fall of fabric is proper. The main aim is to maintain the fall of the fabric properly as always while shooting for a designer wear the maintenance of the fall of the lehanga, skirt or gown is the most important thing. It gives the 90% look of the product.
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  1. Expressions of Model: Always take care of the expressions of the model while doing a designer shoot of ethnic garments. The expressions must be classic and elegant not candid, flat or angry. As every designer want to showcase its designer products as elegant and royal and for that expression of the model plays a very important role. If the expressions are classy, shy, elegant the output will be more royal and elegant.



  1. Proper fitting: The well fitting products adds 3 stars to your final output, the garments should not look ill fitted, baggy or bigger than the size of model. Always ask for the products that matches the size of model or use clips to fit them from where they appear bigger than the size of model. Especially from sleeves and curves that gives the entire look and feel of the fabric.



  1. Colors of fabric: Take care of the vibrant colors of the fabric at the time of shoot only. As there is always 15-20 % difference in the colors of fabric due to the lighting effect used white photoshoot. But sometimes there is world of difference between the actual colors and the colors that comes in lighting.



  1. Makeup & Accessories : Try to keep the makeup lighter and not too much, keep the stress on making the skin color lighter than on using too much products. Do not use multiple products or loud makeup that will distract the client’s focus from garments to the face of the model. Do not use much accessories that will also be a distraction.



  1. Do not rush: Rather than focusing on the speed of doing more products in lesser time try to give enough time to each product so that you can keep a check on maintaining the fall, style and crease of the garment. The designer shoots require a lot of attention by a stylist to maintain the proper fall and style of the fabric.

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Catalogue Photoshoot / Product Photography and advertising photographers in India


E-commerce is growing like anything but one area that seems to be problematic is optimizing product image quality. Imagine you visit some e commerce site to purchase a product you desired, but you find images of product are not clear or there are not enough pictures that could convey all details of the product. Such experience will never influence you to buy anything from such e-tailer.

Studies tell us that quality of the product images is the most crucial feature when shopping online followed by presenting different angled views and zoom features. So you can’t afford to be lenient with the quality of product images.

Here we are mentioning some important aspects for your e-commerce photographs:

Size: It’s important to use pictures of proper size to achieve good sales conversion. Small pictures are simply not effective. As a general rule the images used in product photography for e-commerce should be at least 2000 pixels on the longest side.

Zoom functionality: Your images should show maximum details of your product. Therefore it’s really significant that customers should be able to zoom in on the item to have a look at the areas that they could be interested in. It ensures good satisfying experience for the customer.

Alignment and margins: Keeping same alignment and white margin on product images, generates consistent product category pages, and results in a smooth shopping experience. Clean and professional category pages establish trust with your customers and enhance the credibility of your online store.

Shadows: Shadows can prove a deciding factor for a product image. A photo with poor lighting can cast unpleasant shadows on the product, however if well lit, a consistent shadow can add dimension to a shot. There are different shadow types that you can use. Drop shadows are subtle and can be made during the product shoot delhi. Natural shadows can be created by using a natural light source and reflective shadows can be created by using a reflective surface under the product while shooting.

Background: A clean, plain background is always recommended when creating your online product images. It is advised to use the same background for all your products to add consistency and professional look and feel to your site.

Angles: Showing your product with multiple angles is very important to improve your conversion rates. It actually helps in building trust as customer can see your product from different angles and least likely to miss any noticeable detail. To capture most details of a product, shoot the front, back, top, bottom, diagonal and interior of the product. Put yourself at your customer’s place and then ask yourself what doubts they might have about the product.

Color: Color is another critical feature during online shopping experience. Always make sure that your images reflect the correct color in order to present your customer exactly what they will be getting.

Props: Using props can be very tricky. Sometimes the use of props can be a useful inclusion to your image but at times props can distract customers away from the product. So be very careful and subtle while using props in your product photography.

At Bring It Online, we have a team of best product photographers in india and keep all the aspects of product photography intact and ensure good conversions for our customers.

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Looking for best product photographers in Delhi… ??


A clean and professional product image can increase online sales by up to 50%!Move Closer. As long as it’s safe, the best zoom lens is your own pair of legs, so get as close to your subject as you can in product photography. Try to avoid using zoom lenses because you just can’t be bothered to walk, it’s not a good enough reason. The e commerce product photography in Delhi presents essential photography advises in field of Advertisement.

Play with Lights for e commerce photography in Gurgaon. It’s key that you play with the strobes light to create your own look. Turn on your first strobe light in your studio, and light your subject. Once you have find your angle, direction and intensity, turn on a second strobe light and start playing with it. You could use the second strobe to fill in the background behind your subject, or use the light to create a separation light between the subject and the same background.

Develop your skills of product photography in Delhi. You’ll continue to learn and grow, so don’t give up if it’s something you are passionate about. Accept rejection. Never be afraid of rejection. Remember the rule:’ it takes 10 NO’s to get 1 YES’. If you never try you’ll never get accepted. Take on board constructive criticism and feedback so that you can work towards the YES.

Speak up. Pitch in and take initiative when working with an art director or an add agency. You might risk stepping on someone else’s idea, but remember you have been chosen for shoot because of your own idea and style. The main difference between you and e commerce Product photographers in Gurgaon is time, so keep soothing and practicing your craft and you’ll get better.

Always be ready when sellers require Product photographers in Delhi. Be ready to travel any time any day. You’ll be amazed how many times you could lose a vital job only for not being able to answer your phone. Don’t fail to plan. Before every shoot, try to make a story board, lighting diagram and, if possible, visit the set location so you know where everything is placed. But have a backup plan too; if you are relying on a window light to fill your background, bring 2-3 extra strobes just in case.

Leave an impression. Always carry more than 1 portfolio with you when you go to interviews. If you’re lucky, the agents you show it to will want to keep one to review it further. See the light. Train your vision by taking a walk around town, pay attention to the difference in lighting that you get in the same exact spot just by looking at it from different angles. Also notice the difference in intensity depending upon the weather and time of the day. For master Photoshop in product photography Delhi you can visit us at wwwbringitonline.in/photography.html Advertising photographers need to be able to mix graphics and photography, so it’s very important that you spend countless hours messing with Photoshop and learning all its tricks. Find a niche. Choose your niche (watches, jewelry, shoes), master it and you’ll see that with time your work will be noticed by agencies and companies that are looking to hire someone in your particular field.

Other areas where Bring It Online has got expertise are online shoot, on location product photo shoots, online photo shoot in bulk, e commerce photography as there is a team of skilled, trained and experienced  e commerce photographers who are capable of performing best quality product shot anywhere at any given point of time.

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Commercial product photography for e-commerce websites at bringitonline.in/photography

Capturing the moments so that they can stay in your memories forever, this is what photography does for you. It all began almost hundred years ago with those big cameras producing results in days. But time has changed things dramatically and now it takes only a few seconds to capture the best and happy moments of your life. With a huge advancement in technology the size of the cameras has got reduced as well as the time to produce pictures. Now the most important fact is the over the time not only the technological development has taken place but also role played by photography in our lives has also changed over time. Gone are the days when photography came into play only on some special occasions, now a days it has stepped in to a lot of things. One of the major advancement is its involvement in the e-commerce industry and that too a major one in the form of product photography. bringitonline.in/photography and youtube.com/watch?v=h_URumyUvbA

Ecommerce photography is considered to be the fastest growing field of photography these days. As ecommerce industry is growing at a rapid rate in India and all over the world. The need for photography has increased as well. Coming to the point that what is the importance and need of photography in ecommerce industry? The simple answer is that it works as a backbone for the sellers of this industry as the basic requirement to sell products in ecommerce industry is to get them captured first. And it doesn’t end here only, getting them captured is only one thing and getting them captured as per the basic guidelines and all the desired requirements.

This is where we, Bring it Online come into play. Our role is to provide the customers/sellers with best pictures of their products. The more the graceful and attractive will be the products the more will be the selling rate. We have best instruments installed at our studio to provide the sellers with the best results. With an experience of more than 5 years in the field of ecommerce industry we have mastered the art of product photography while working on lacs of products for thousands of sellers. And also we provide our photo studio on rent in Delhi as it is located in the southern part of Delhi (Malviya Nagar). We have a team of best product photographers in Delhi working their heart out to produce the best results in the industry and bring more and more sale to the sellers. photography services IN Delhi Noida Gurgaon Faridabad Ghaziabad

freelance photographers or Product photography in Delhi or product photography in Gurgaon is directly or indirectly associated to one and only name and that is Bring It Online. As our name speak for itself, if you are looking to go online with your products and sell them to crores of buyers all over the world. We are there to help you and bring them online. All you would need is registered business of your own so that you can register your business on portals like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal etc. Product photography gurgaon


Product photography has always been one of the most creative opportunity in the industry if we explore our inner potential well we can easily reach at the pioneer position,we have several other key resources which we have been using to market our products and services well in the market Bring It Online India has always brought us at a stage where you need more creativity to fuel in. We have our other verticals based in USA and Australia to know more on this you can also visit our website; address has been mentioned below.


Bring It Online  – http://www.brinitonline.in
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Ecommerce product photography in NEW DELHI

product photography in noida

Photography the art to freeze, the art to make things stop at one place, the art to keep the moments/memories forever has got revolutionised these days at a great extent. The art has changed its form over the period of time at a rapid rate and has become an essential part of everyone’s life. The scope of photography has got expanded like never before. And all this is due to the technological changes which have taken place in the manufacturing sections of cameras. The cameras have become so easy to handle these days that any amateur person can take beautiful photographs without even going in depth in the field of photography. This does not mean one doesn’t have to learn the art of photography but still one can perform it at ease as compared to earlier. Ecommerce photography is at its peak these days so is the ecommerce industry. Speaking of ecommerce industry, I would say that it’s as vast an industry as sea. youtube.com/watch?v=h_URumyUvbA  product photography in delhi

Ecommerce came into existence when internet reached to people at a large scale, ecommerce is straight away related to buying and selling products while sitting back home. And all this has been possible due to the expansion of internet and its reach to masses all around the world. Without internet it would have been hard to dream of such industry. One more fact which is solely or partially responsible for this expansion of this ecommerce industry is because of the increasing lazy attitude of people all around the world. Now a days they don’t want to go to markets and malls to shop for the products, in order to save time and fuel and even money directly or indirectly. On the other hand it has proved out to be boon for those sellers who didn’t have that big an empire or business, so that they can set big shops of their own or set showrooms or outlets in malls or at some other prime locations in order to reach out to more and more buyers. But with this online setup of marketplaces like snapdeal, flipkart, amazon, Ebay etc. has made it easy for those small scale sellers to reach to the billions in the world. If we speak of ncrDelhi region, what we would find out is that the industry in Gurgaon is the one who is desperately in search of specs like e commerce photography in Gurgaon, product photography in Gurgaon and only one name stands out of all the others in this regard which provide one stop solution to the industrialists based in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida or anywhere near the Delhi ncr region and which is Bring It Online. bringitonline.in/photography


Bring It Online Media Private Ltd. is one of the leading service providers for the sellers all around the world.The quest of product photographers in Delhi, product photographers in Gurgaon ends here at Bring It Online and this is just one part of selling online the rest are listing / uploading of products on online marketplaces and portals, which is also part of the solutions provided. fashion photography in delhi

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