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E-commerce is growing like anything but one area that seems to be problematic is optimizing product image quality. Imagine you visit some e commerce site to purchase a product you desired, but you find images of product are not clear or there are not enough pictures that could convey all details of the product. Such experience will never influence you to buy anything from such e-tailer.

Studies tell us that quality of the product images is the most crucial feature when shopping online followed by presenting different angled views and zoom features. So you can’t afford to be lenient with the quality of product images.

Here we are mentioning some important aspects for your e-commerce photographs:

Size: It’s important to use pictures of proper size to achieve good sales conversion. Small pictures are simply not effective. As a general rule the images used in product photography for e-commerce should be at least 2000 pixels on the longest side.

Zoom functionality: Your images should show maximum details of your product. Therefore it’s really significant that customers should be able to zoom in on the item to have a look at the areas that they could be interested in. It ensures good satisfying experience for the customer.

Alignment and margins: Keeping same alignment and white margin on product images, generates consistent product category pages, and results in a smooth shopping experience. Clean and professional category pages establish trust with your customers and enhance the credibility of your online store.

Shadows: Shadows can prove a deciding factor for a product image. A photo with poor lighting can cast unpleasant shadows on the product, however if well lit, a consistent shadow can add dimension to a shot. There are different shadow types that you can use. Drop shadows are subtle and can be made during the product shoot delhi. Natural shadows can be created by using a natural light source and reflective shadows can be created by using a reflective surface under the product while shooting.

Background: A clean, plain background is always recommended when creating your online product images. It is advised to use the same background for all your products to add consistency and professional look and feel to your site.

Angles: Showing your product with multiple angles is very important to improve your conversion rates. It actually helps in building trust as customer can see your product from different angles and least likely to miss any noticeable detail. To capture most details of a product, shoot the front, back, top, bottom, diagonal and interior of the product. Put yourself at your customer’s place and then ask yourself what doubts they might have about the product.

Color: Color is another critical feature during online shopping experience. Always make sure that your images reflect the correct color in order to present your customer exactly what they will be getting.

Props: Using props can be very tricky. Sometimes the use of props can be a useful inclusion to your image but at times props can distract customers away from the product. So be very careful and subtle while using props in your product photography.

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