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The figure as sculpture.

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One of the long-accepted ways to deal with the pornography is to treat the figure, male or female, as an art object – as sculpture, for example. Since many sculptures have managed to see the human body beautiful, emulating them is a way to lean to see beauty. You could start by using sculptors’ poses and could also use the same kind of models. However many sculptors have used chunky women who would look simply fat in photographs, though their male models are usually trim and well muscled.

In treating figures as sculpture it is important to use the right background and lighting. Those mentioned later in the chapter will work very well,  for I am thinking you through an essentially sculptural approach to photography of the nude.

If you are not too shy, the easiest way to get a model is to ask a friend to pose. Nowadays,  a man and a woman will often make a trade, each posing for the other. Taking figure drawing courses in a art school is a way to contact models, though the men and woman who pose there are often pretty beat up. The bedraggled ones usually refuse to pose for photographers, anyway, but the handsome once sometimes will. Photography courses that deal with the nude are an even better bed, and there is the advantage of working under experienced instructors.

Some newspapers will accept advertising for models if it is clear that your purposes are legitimate. Though the models that one contacts in this manner often have very miscellaneous faces and figures and are out for kicks, there is always a chance of getting one or two good ones. Furthermore, it is excellent experience to work with faces and figures that are far from perfect. There is always a considerable amount of beauty in them, and you should learn to see it.

       Advertising on an art school bulletin board is a good idea, because the men and women students are long-accustomed to nudity and often in need of extra money. Make  it very clear in your ads that you are not a sexual pervert in search of sexual kicks, for art students are extremely leary of such people. Offer a modeling fee of around ten dollars an hour, plus a promise of modeling sessions at least two hours long. Nowadays, it is hardly worth crossing the street for less than twenty bucks, and modeling can be very hard work.

      Joining a camera club may bring you in contact with photographers who know figure models willing to work for a reasonable fee, but you should investigate this possibility before joining.

       Joining a little theater group is also a good idea, because many young actors and actresses think that the experience of being nude in front of others will fit into their training very well. Some of them also like to be daring. And some will pose to satisfy their vanity,  theater people being well endowed with it.

       The main problem in getting models is suspicion: the people you approach may think you are an uptight voyeur or that you are stupid enough to have sexual seduction in mind. There are many such people you know. If you ask a model to bring a friend to a modelling session or pose for a small group of photographers (instead of just yourself) the suspicion will generally lessen. Since they are not voye and generally prefer to have real love as a prerequisite for sex, women photographers are not often suspected. However, the men whom they ask to model are often surprisingly shy—– terrified in fact. Though he may not know it, the average man is sacred to death of women. Lingerie Photography is another creative form of photography where one can express the best of all times. More info feel free to visit >> http://www.bringitonline.in/lingerie-photography.html

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