Photography tips from best product photographers in India


Do’s and Don’ts ..

Some of the product photography tips from best product photographers in India and across the Globe.

Points to remember while doing a designer wear ethnic Photoshoot.

  1. Drape Of Fabric: As the length of designer ethnic wears is very long so use a small stool or some kind of prop that can give the model enough height so that the fall of fabric is proper. The main aim is to maintain the fall of the fabric properly as always while shooting for a designer wear the maintenance of the fall of the lehanga, skirt or gown is the most important thing. It gives the 90% look of the product.
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  1. Expressions of Model: Always take care of the expressions of the model while doing a designer shoot of ethnic garments. The expressions must be classic and elegant not candid, flat or angry. As every designer want to showcase its designer products as elegant and royal and for that expression of the model plays a very important role. If the expressions are classy, shy, elegant the output will be more royal and elegant.



  1. Proper fitting: The well fitting products adds 3 stars to your final output, the garments should not look ill fitted, baggy or bigger than the size of model. Always ask for the products that matches the size of model or use clips to fit them from where they appear bigger than the size of model. Especially from sleeves and curves that gives the entire look and feel of the fabric.



  1. Colors of fabric: Take care of the vibrant colors of the fabric at the time of shoot only. As there is always 15-20 % difference in the colors of fabric due to the lighting effect used white photoshoot. But sometimes there is world of difference between the actual colors and the colors that comes in lighting.



  1. Makeup & Accessories : Try to keep the makeup lighter and not too much, keep the stress on making the skin color lighter than on using too much products. Do not use multiple products or loud makeup that will distract the client’s focus from garments to the face of the model. Do not use much accessories that will also be a distraction.



  1. Do not rush: Rather than focusing on the speed of doing more products in lesser time try to give enough time to each product so that you can keep a check on maintaining the fall, style and crease of the garment. The designer shoots require a lot of attention by a stylist to maintain the proper fall and style of the fabric.

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